Machinery Analysts, Inc. is proud to represent Erbessd Instruments as their Stocking Distributor for Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. 

In addition to their well-established line of Balancing Machines with capacities up to 25 tons, we maintain an inventory of their unique Phantom line of wireless sensors.  

The Phantom Wireless System is unique in that it allows the user complete control over everything from data collecting parameters, to alarm settings and even data access and ownership. Sensors offered include:

  • Triaxial High and Low Frequency Vibration and temperature sensors 
  • Atex rated Triaxial High and Low Frequency Vibration and temperature sensors
  • Wireless Speed Sensors
  • Wireless IR Camera
  • Wireless Current Sensors
  • Wireless transmission modules for any sensor with a 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC signal
  • Wireless Gateways capable of handling up to 75 sensors  
Erbessd also makes the Wiser Triaxial Wireless Sensor for walkaround data collection routes
  • Data can be collected using a mobile phone or a table with the Wiser sensor
  • Data can be transmitted to clients computer for analysis using Erbessd DigiVibe  
  • Data can be transmitted to Erbessd Instruments Cloud service, EI Analytic
Both Phantom and Wiser data can be managed in either the DigiVibe software or by using EI Analytic Service.

EI Analytic is Erbessd Instruments cloud service for data storage and screening.
  • Fully functional as a stand-alone package for database generation,  data screening and alarming.
  • Includes the ability to view spectra and time waveforms for analysis
  • Allows for custom tailored alarms to be set by the user or the use of standards
  • Includes multiple trending features
  • Fee is based on data usage
DigiVibeMX is Erbessd Instruments advanced analysis package. In addition to working with either the Phantom or Wiser Systems, it can be used to operated Erbessd Balancing Machines.
  • Available as DigiVibeMX for free with sensor and gateway purchase
  • Upgrades available up to the full featured DigiVibeMX M30
  • Allows users to control the vibration data collection and alarm settings
  • Provides significant trending abilities
  • Allows for  Machine Learning under user defined and controlled rules 
Dragon Vision is Erbessd instruments Motion Magnification software package  
  • Can be used with cell-phone video
  • Does not require the purchase of a high speed video camera
  • Quickly gives the user a visible representation of movement
  • 30kg to 50 ton capacities
  • 300-5000 rpm speeds
  • Rotor Diameters over 90"
  • Journal Diameters over 8"
  • Distance between supports of 60"
  • Soft Bearing Suspensions with 3 way freedom of movement
  • 2-run balancing
  • Can be operated on cell phone, tablet or laptop
  • Software included
  • There are never any support or update fees for any software
  • The client always retains ownership and control of the software and data regardless of where it resides
  • There is an annual fee for EI Analytic based on data usage
Data Security
  • Erbessd Instruments has achieved FIPS140-2 Certification and is used in a variety of secure installations including Department of Defense and Department of Energy Facilities